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Flexible solutions for your complicated electrical wiring, fluids, or gases projects.
  Every day SEMI is working very hard to produce new innovations in flexible conduits and hoses technology. We are making constant improvements and bringing you products that are more reliable and more convenient to install, products that fit your demanding applications. Take a look at our latest creations. We've got something that's the right solution for you.
Liquid-tight Flexible Metal Conduit  Introducing latest products and services from SEMI:  PRODUCTS NEWS


Delikon Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit and Fittings for steel mills, coke plants and glass manufacturing cable protection.
Delikon Heavy Series Over Braided Flexible Conduit and Fittings for steel mills, coke plants and glass manufacturing cable protection. Heavy Series Flexible Sheath and Heavy Series Flexible Conduit Connectors protect electrical and automation cables from the harsh environments.
Heavy Series Flexible Sheath and Heavy Series Flexible Conduit Connectors protect electrical and automation cables from the harsh environments
Complete Range of Delikon Quality Liquid Tight ConduitsMetal Liquid Tight Conduit and Fittings for industry,
power plant, engineering and construction projects.
large size metal Liquid Tight Conduit and Fittings for industry,power plant, engineering and construction projects.Big Size Liquid Tight Conduit, Fittings

Delikon produces a whole range of big size metal liquid tight conduit and liquid tight fittings to meet your cables protection requirement in big construction and engineering projects: airports, railway stations, stadia, mega shopping centers, bridges, power stations,skyscrapers and more...

Available from 3 inches up to 6 inches.
           Large size liquid tight conduit fittings
 DELIKON big size metal Liquid Tight Conduit, Liquid Tight Conduit Fittings: 3 inches to 6 inches
Electromagnetic Shielding Over Braided Flexible Metal Conduit

In environments such as airport or factory work shop, where higher than normal levels of electromagnetic radiation are present, power or data systems could be vulnerable to Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI). Delikon Over Braided Flexible Conduit has been designed to protect cables from EMI.

Delikon Over Braided Flexible Conduit, Conduit Fittings for industry cables management

Over Braided Flexible Conduit and conduit Fittings For factory Automation Cable Management

Over Braided Flexible Conduit, Flexible Conduit Fittings for industry cables management
Over braided flexible conduit & fittings systems from SEMI offer a choice of a whole range of sizes and constructions to provide the best solution for the most demanding industry wiring applications.
Liquid Tight Conduit, Overbraided Liquid Tight Conduit, Overbraided Flexible Conduit, Conduit Fittings & Connectors for cable management and protection of critical wiring in Mining, Oil and Gas, Ship Building, Beverage and Machine Tools Industry

Your cable management solutions for:

Train & Rail
Marine Machinery CCTV

Oil & Gas

Steel Mills



Car industry


and many more....Overbraided Flexible Conduit,Conduit Fittings

   SEMI, Leading Manufacturer of Liquid Tight Conduit, Overbraided Liquid Tight Conduit,
   Overbraided Flexible Conduit
, Conduit Fittings & Connectors for industry wiring applications.
Delikon metal liquid tight conduit, 3",4",5",6" inches SEMI big size Metal Liquid Tight Conduit is suitable for industry and commercial liquid tight applications. it has been designed to excel in many applications including but not limited to machine and plant construction, CNC machines, motor and railroad power & signal systems. A whole line of liquid tight connectors are available.
Extreme temperature Thermo plastic Rubber coated metal LIQUID TIGHT CONDUIT: For Extreme Temperature Environments: -40C to +140C. Type YF-906 Thermoplastic Rubber Covered Steel Liquid Tight Conduit is well suited for exposure to extreme climatic conditions. It is also widely used on industrial process equipment such as Annealing Ovens, Lumber Kilns, Foundries, Refrigeration, etc.
SEMI extensive range of flexible metallic conduit systems are manufactured either in galvanized steel or stainless steel. A number of conduit types provide a solution for liquid resistant specifications whilst other liquid tight covered steel conduit versions are designed for more demanding environments.
Braided flexible metal conduit for industry wirings
braided flexible steel conduits
Flexible metal conduit for heavy mechanical stress --
Over braided flexible steel conduit is particularly used in (mechanical) critical situations, such as machine-building, steel works but also in transport systems and security. Connectors and fittings for braided flexible conduit
It is excellent in protecting cables against metal particles and against vandalism or rodents.
Braided Flexible Conduits systems for vehicle wiring harnesses

YF-704 (IP54)

  YF-705 (

  SM-70001 (

     EMI/RFI Shielding Conduits
Braided flexible conduits Braided Flexible Electrical Conduit Systems, EMC Screening
typically used for machineries and petrochemical industrial cable protection
*1/4"~4" trade size *EMI shielding *Resists hot metal splashes
For electric wiring and cables protection applications where the following is a consideration:
  Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  Abrasion resistance
  Mechanical integrity
  Hot metal splashes resistance

For automatic welding line wiringsEMC Shielding flexible conduits
*High Temp.

Superior liquidtight system This new line of liquid tight metal connectors are made of high-quality forged aluminum for superior strength and durability. These unique configurations work perfectly with our whole range of flexible conduits.
EMI/RFI Shielding Flexible Conduits
These braided conduits are used to protect sensitive electronic circuits such as communications, radar, and data transmission from outside interference or "noise". These conduits are also used when the reverse situation is also an issue.

Flexible Conduits Assemblies
Flexible Conduits Assemblies

*Save your time and labor costs. Simply specify your requirements and let SEMI do the jobs for you.                                         Products By IP Ratings
 Gray liquid tight steel conduit Liquid Tight Flexible PVC Coated Galvanized Conduit

Flexible, sleek, with increased IP ratings, Liquid-tight flexible metallic conduit (LFMC) is suitable for use in a variety of environments and applications from general purpose wiring in wet or damp locations, to direct burial and in concrete embedment, to raised computer room floors and site lighting jobs.
Liquid-tight Metallic Conduit
Machine Grey liquid-tight flexible steel conduit is used extensively in the machine tool and other industrial environments.
Liquidtight flexible metal conduit
Liquidtight flexible metal conduit is manufactured from an electro-galvanised steel flexible inner core which is pressure coated with an oil resistant, high temperature grade of plasticised PVC. The PVC is keyed into the corrugations of the inner steel flexible core, which prevents the PVC from wrinkling when the conduit is bent to its minimum bend radius. The PVC coating provides a smooth outer surface onto which liquid tight compression fittings can be secured. Liquidtight metal conduit offers high mechanical strength combined with complete protection against liquids and dust. It is suitable for regular movements and vibration.
liquidtight conduit liquidtight conduit liquidtight conduit liquidtight conduit liquidtight conduit
Liquid tight conduit,fittings
Liquidtight metal conduit is UV resistant since the PVC outer sheath incorporates a minimum of 0.9 % carbon
black (for black) and chemical stabilisers (for grey and orange) and are therefore suitable for use outside. Liquidtight metal conduits are used in machine tool applications where liquid tight (IP66 & 67) protection is important, and also oil and/or temperature resistance. Liquidtight metal conduit may be used for external applications since it is both liquid tight and UV resistant. new products new products new procuts
Stainless steel conduit
Instrumentation tubing, Flexible stainless steel conduit
Type AT is an ultra-flexible, stainless steel conduit designed primarily for OEM applications. A typical application would bePacking in Reels For Small ID Conduits armouring in specialty sensing devices, or medical equipment, including fiber-optics. Also available with PVC jacket, extruded covering, plastic sleeving or braiding.

 A flexible solution for your applications.

Latest pictures from our show room for flexible conduits, flexible hose, high performance racing hose and connectors.
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Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits for heavy industryfor EMI screening
Low smoke,halogen free conduits This water proof flexible steel conduit is designed for applications where safety concerns exist regarding a material's reaction in a fire situation.
SEMI Flexible ConduitsQuality Flexible Metal Conduit Semi Conduits Co., Ltd., specializes in manufacturing superior quality electrical flexible conduits & fittings for the European and US markets: Flexible metal conduits, flexible liquid tight metal conduits, and over braided conduits 
Overbraided Flexible Steel Conduit For High Temperature Wiring

Overbraided Flexible Steel Conduit For High Temperature Wiring
Inherently low fire hazard (ILFH), Braided Flexible Metal Conduit is widely used to counter mechanical stress and is highly flexible, and it is resistant against tensile stresses and transverse pressure. This conduit also offers excellent protection to cables against hot metal particles, and immunity from electromagnetic interference. Most suitable for use in Hazardous Locations, industrial environments and high temperatures.

Electrical Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits for heavy industry wirings YF-705 (IP67)YF-705

YF-704 (IP54)YF-704


Electrical Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits for heavy industry wirings

EMI manifests itself in many ways and can be conducted by radiation or through mains cable and earthing connections. The impact of this can be critical to the performance of vital equipment that may be used in many different market sectors from hospitals and nuclear plants through to industry automation installations or establishments and many other demanding environments.  For Mining & Metal Industry
steel conduit,electrical,flexible,metallic conduits,stainless steel conduit flexible conduit flexible conduit
To provide superior protection and immunity from electromagnetic interference, as well as increased mechanical abrasion resistance, SEMI has introduced the above complete line of Overbraided Flexible Metal Conduits systems that could meet your heavy industry wiring requirements        
Flexible Metallic Liquidtight & Waterproof Conduits
These metallic liquidtight and waterproof conduits are used to protect the vital network of cables that transfer information and electricity. They combines the value-added benefits of durability, chemical resistance, waterproof connections, ease of installation, and reduced friction all in one cost-effective system. emi shielding,metal,cable armor,connector,fittings
Braided-shield Flexible Metal Conduits liquidtight conduit hose
Braided-shield flexible conduit provides excellent Radio Frequency, as well as mechanical protection, resulting in improved data transmission.
Oil Production Plant Wirings

 Heavy Industry

Liquidtight connectors
Nylon corrugated braided conduit with EMC screening Braided Nylon Conduit for Industry Robots and Vehicle wiring harnesses
Nylon conduit protects sensitive cabling systems. EMC screening is becoming a necessity in an increasing number of applications, particularly in the rail industry and in buildings where electromagnetic interference can compromise the performance of complex and sensitive equipment and data cabling systems. SEMI has introduced a range of nylon corrugated braided conduit with EMC screening
Heavy series flex sheath - Over Braided Flexible Conduit System for protection of industrial electrical cables against water, oil, grease, solvents, and the outer braiding provides protection against hot metal sparks and slag.
Heavy series flex sheath - Over Braided Flexible Conduit

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